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Express Package shipping to Cyprus

Slovim Inc.
Posted by: Frank Baxter

I have a package that needs to be shipped right away. It is sitting on my desk at our offices here in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. So if your company provides a pickup service in this area, then please contact me right away and I will provide you with the location and our business hours. This package is in a box that is 1 ft in every dimension. It weighs 6 pounds. Do you have a rate sheet that you can send me? Do you also have an estimate of when you will deliver this package to Cyprus? It is desired to have this package delivered in the shortest amount of time, so please include in your estimate your cost of shipping for this express service. Do you have a guaranteed delivery time? Do you have a signature service that permits only a representative of the addressee to accept the delivery of this package? Please include your cost sheet for each of these services including a tracking information if you offer it. Thank you for sending me this information. I will contact you once I have reviewed it.