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Is shipping to Cyprus possible with your company? My friend and I are moving to Nicosia, Cyprus from Seattle, Washington, United States and we require the services of a reputable shipping company that offers reasonable prices. My friend would like his 2 personal computers, double size bed and mattress, 2-door refrigerator, microwave oven, 2 sewing machines, washer and dryer, tall bookcases and about 5 large boxes of books and personal items. For me, I would be shipping a 8 seater dinning table, double decker bed, LCD TV, 3 electric guitars, organ, speakers and several recording equipments. We plan to move in about 2 months. How fast would our items arrive in case they would be shipped out two weeks before we arrive in Cyprus? Do we have to pack our stuff ourselves or will your company be the one to do that? Will the shipped items arrive at our doorstep or do we have to pick it up in your warehouse? I hope that your quote wonâ??t be too expensive since you are the only company who offers international shipping in our area. Thank you and I will be waiting for your email. I hope I receive it soon.