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Package shipping to Korea (South)

Posted by: Hoin Chien

Hello. I need information about express package shipping to Korea (South). The package I must send will be shipped from San Francisco, California, in the United States. Does your company have an office near to me? If so, what are the hours of operations? Does this office also have packing materials? Are your employees available to assist in packing? I have a laptop computer that I want to ship home. This way it will be there when I arrive home. This is a much better way to ship this rather than to have to risk losing it on the airline flight. This is a standard sized laptop computer. It is 15 inches long, by 9 inches wide, by about one and one half inches deep. I do not have the manufacturer's packaging that it came in. This is why I need one of your employees to assist with the packaging. This way it will be less likely to become damaged during shipping. Please contact me by using my direct contact information as I have provided here. Thank you for sending me this information as soon as possible.