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I am inquiring about express package shipping to Russia. So if there are any companies here who offer this service, please send your shipping information to my email address. Next week is my sister's birthday and I have bought her a few gifts that I want to arrive on time, if not before, that day arrives. Can you possibly deliver this package on time? The package is being shipped from Tel Aviv, Israel, and is already prepared for shipping. If you company has a drop off location near to me please tell me where it is and the hours you are open. The package is 609 mm by 305 mm by 254 mm and weighs 2.7 kilos. There is a small box of homemade candy in this package, but I have included an ice pack that should keep it from spoiling during the trip. Could you provide me with your cost for my shipping this package with your company? Thank you for your kindness in responding to my email address with my requested information. I do appreciate it.