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Express Package shipping to Belgium

Express package shipping to Belgium is the information I seek and if your company can deliver my package on time then I want to hear from you. This is a small package that only weighs about 3 pounds. The package contains a small postage scale that is already padded, packed, and ready for shipment. I am shipping from Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Therefore, I am located within a busy shipping area which should help reduce travel time. When I want from you is for you to send me some basic information about your shipping services. How much do you charge? When can you deliver this package? Do you provide insurance coverage? If you lose or damage the package during shipment does your company make good on it? Do you provide tracking information so I can check up on the package's location during the trip? The answers to most of these questions should be contained within your standard informational packet, so please email me that as well as your responses to any of my questions that are not included in that packet. Thank you.