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Refrigerated Container shipping to Chile

- Container Shipping

This will be our first shipment to this country, and due to the distance involved, we need to request information from a company who can process this shipment satisfactorily. We need information on refrigerated container shipping to Chile. We are shipping this from our facility in San Marino, Italy. We do not have the space for you to drop an empty container, so we must load your container while your driver is present. The shipment will also need the equivalent of a 45 ft container.

We have requested a refrigerated container due to this shipment including some fruit products. We think this should protect the shipment from sudden temperature changes during its lengthy voyage. Does your company closely monitor the temperatures during shipping? How often does this monitoring occur? The shipment is ready to ship by the first of next week. Is your company available for a pickup by then? When will you deliver this shipment to Chile?

Please email your company's shipping information to our email address. It is included with this forum. Thank you for sending this.

Name: Renato Pecorella

Company: Bonjoyl

Country: Chile

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