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Over sized Package shipping to Liechtenstein

Lock and Move Supplies
Posted by: Joe Martus

My company, Lock and Move Supplies, is in need of a new shipping company. We have just gotten the okay to start shipping to Liechtenstein so we need to find a good shipping company that can accommodate us. Part of the difficulty we are running into is that many of our packages are going to be over sized and sometimes heavier than the standard weight guides suggest. This has led to many shipping companies stating extremely inflated prices to help us in these cases. And as we understand and appreciate that we will need to pay a slightly elevated price point in these instances, we do not see why we would have to pay triple the price for going over the weight suggestions by two or three percent. Please let us know if you can help. Our warehouses are in Berlin, Germany so that is where pretty much everything will be shipping from in the first place.