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Express Package shipping to Jordan

Posted by: Adam Lomax

What must I do to prepare my shipment for express package shipping to Jordan? I have already packaged my items, but I need to be sure I am choosing the right delivery service. Can you explain my international shipping options? There are so many carriers offering express shipping that sometimes the choices are not as clear as I would like them to be. Do the shipping charges include all of the charges my shipment will incur? Does this include customs duties? Will there be any taxes or fees that are added to the cost of shipping? I have heard that some countries add incidental charges. Who pays those charges and what are they for? How can I find out if any of our items are included on any import or export restrictions in Jordan? Are there any special labels or documents we must use for this international shipment? Please feel free to email me information about your company's shipping options. Thanks for responding to my many questions.