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Express Package shipping to Thailand

Posted by: Marino Grimaldi

We are preparing a package for shipping at our facility at Naples, Italy. This will require express package shipping to Thailand. Please excuse my ignorance, as we rarely ship anything outside of the European Union (EU). So our shipping knowledge and experience is extremely limited in scope. Would you suggest any changes in how we prepare our package for shipping? Can you offer any advice as to how we should prepare our shipping documents? We have access to the Thailand customs procedures. However, we would like to work with a company who is experienced in international shipping to Thailand, and can advise us of whether there are any potential pitfalls that we should avoid. Can you also provide us with a cost estimate? Also, when will you deliver this package to Thailand? This shipment does require express shipping. Can you offer any kind of guaranteed delivery that is completed by a specific day? How much extra would that cost? Thanks for sending us this information, and for your patience with our many questions.