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Express Package shipping to Malaysia

Posted by: DeMonte Lamagna

I am here to inquire about package shipping to Malaysia. Since I have many questions, I will post only a few of them here. I will ask you to send information about your company's shipping services to the contact information I have provided to this forum. I think this will be the most effective communication method for us to us at this point. I will also ask that you include your contact information in your first communication so that I may contact you with any further questions and to also schedule a pickup. When will your company be available for a pickup at our warehouse at Genoa, Italy? This package will be ready for pickup by the first part of next week. What is your estimate of when you will deliver this package to Malaysia? Our customer has requested the fastest possible shipping method. Since this is likely our only shipment with your company, how can we pay our shipping charges? Do you offer multiple payment options? Can we pay for our charges online? We look forward to reviewing your company's information.