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Temperature Controlled Package shipping to Luxembourg

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Posted by: Polly Franklin

Our little confection company in Brussels is going to be sending our sweets to Luxembourg for some of the pastry shops to resell, which is very big news for us. We are hoping to begin shipping in the next few weeks, which is why we need to find a good shipping company to help us very quickly. The only real problem that we see is that what we will be shipping will need to be maintained at a very specific temperature range during transit to maintain freshness. With this in mind, you can see why we are looking for only a shipping company that can supply us with temperature controlled environments in which to ship our chocolates and candies. If the temperature varies outside or the range we have designated, then it will ruin the integrity of the confection and the quality will be compromised- something which we are not willing to rick having happen to our goods. Please only respond if you cab accommodate this request in full and explain that you can do so. Thank you.