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Dominguez Brothers
Posted by: Cristoval De Paula

Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I hope to contact a company that can provide me with information about sending express package shipping to Egypt. Since there have been many changes in Egypt over these past several months, I must ask if there have any drastic changes in how international shipments are received into the country? Are there any restrictions on what types of items are permitted? Has Egypt changed their duties, taxes, or fees they charge on international shipments? Have they added any incidental charges, and if so, who is responsible for paying those charges? When will your company be available for a pickup at our facility at New York City, New York, in the United States? How soon will you deliver this package to Egypt? Can you offer a guaranteed delivery day or time? How can I find out your shipping rates that will apply to this shipment? Do you provide tracking numbers? If so, how can I access the tracking information? Thanks for sending information about your company's shipping service.