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Express Package shipping to Haiti

Posted by: Hartense Bautista

I need to inquire into express package shipping to Haiti. I am shipping this package from my office here at Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Does your company provide a pickup service in this area? I have this package ready to ship. When will you be able to pick it up? This package is a rush delivery. So I must ask you when you will deliver it to Haiti? Is this a guaranteed delivery time? What are the options if the shipment is delayed for some reason? If the package arrives damaged, do you pay the replacement cost? Will you pay for that, or must we wait for your insurance to cover our loss? Do you include a tracking number? How can we access your tracking service? Is it available online? If the recipient is not available, will you attempt to redeliver the package? Please do not leave the package with anyone other than whom it is addressed. Do you offer a restricted delivery service?