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Document and Package shipping to Macedonia

Chucrh of the Betheren of Christ
Posted by: Michael Hughes

I am here to gather information for my church, the Chucrh of the Betheren of Christ. We are small church based in Savannah, Georgia that does a lot of out reach work throughout the world. We are going to be doing some out reach work in Macedonia starting this summer and need to find a shipping company that can help us with both document and package shipping please. Typically these shipments will be of bibles and church related materials. Sometimes we do ship other things, such as small toys and games for the children in the area or other supplies that our missionaries would find useful tools when spreading the word of God in the area that they are currently working- in this case Macedonia. Please let us know if you can help and what pricing tiers you offer for different sized packages and such. Also please indicate if there is any discount for us, considering we are a non profit as a church. Thank you and God bless.