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Express Package shipping to Costa Rica

Bastarache Company
Posted by: Liberato Quintanilla

I have to send express package shipping to Costa Rica, and that package must be delivered before the end of next week. Is it possible for your company to complete this delivery during this time? Can you guarantee that you will do so? This package is being shipped from our warehouse at Miami, Florida, in the United States. The weight of this package does not exceed 8 pounds. Will you include a price estimate of how much you will charge us for shipping this package with your company? Will you also explain what is a fuel surcharge that we have seen on most shipping company's invoices and bills of lading? Who gets this money and how is this charge applied? If we ship multiple shipments with your company, how many shipments must we complete before we become eligible for a discount? Will we receive a discount for paying by cash or check rather than by using credit terms? Thank you for sending us this information to our email account.