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Express Package shipping to Uruguay

Posted by: Edilberto Fontanez

I must prepare an express package shipping to Uruguay. Our warehouse at Mexico City, Mexico, will be the point of origin. Can your company schedule a pickup at that location next week? We have quite a number of questions, so if you have a standard information package that you normally send out, will you please send it to my email address. This will probably answer most of my questions. But just in case I have more questions, is there anyone at your company that we may contact? What is your estimated time to deliver this package from Mexico City to Uruguay? Do you offer a specific delivery day that you will promise to deliver this package? Are there any size or weight limits of packages that your company will accept for express delivery? Does your company have a local office here at Mexico City that we may be able to purchase shipping supplies if we need them? Our contact information is provided with this forum, so if you will please send your information through that account it will be promptly received.