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Express Package shipping to Venezuela

Posted by: Abdul Waahid Haddad

I must ship a package that must be delivered as soon as possible. It is due to this, that I am here to ask for information about express package shipping to Venezuela. How is it possible for our company to be setup to do shipping business with your company? Our company is located at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, so we would expect that your company will do business at this location. This will make it easier for us to connect our services. Should you decide you want to do business with us, please include your company's information that includes a background of your company as well as describing the shipping services that your company offers. Please also include the payment options that you support, as well as how we can pay for the shipping services. Will you also include what your damage policy provides? What about insurance coverage? Is your company covered by the proper insurance policies? Do you make insurance available for us to purchase that will more adequately cover our shipments we make with your company?