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Posted by: Hank Paulson

I have stopped by this forum to ask a couple of questions about express package shipping to Argentina. So if your company provides this service, please send your company's information to my email address. It is included with this forum. The contents of this package are being made at our facility at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. They will be completed by the end of next week. Will your company require a lot of notice before you can provide a pickup service? What is your availability for this time frame? Do you have a standard shipping rate chart so that we may compare your pricing? Due to the rush status of this order, I must ask when you will deliver this package to Argentina? Will you guarantee delivery by a certain day and or time? Do you make tracking information available? Is this accessible via an Internet login? And finally, what payment options do you have available? Is it possible for us to prepay and / or pay online? Is it possible for us to purchase additional insurance that will cover the difference between the shipment's value and your limit of liability? Thanks for sending us this info.