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Express Package shipping to Guam (US)

Posted by: Jason Baumgardner

I am moving to a new duty station and I want to ship some of my belongings so that I will not have to carry them around with me as I change flights. Therefore, I need information about express package shipping to Guam (US) from a company who can provide this service and do so reliably. Before I pack my items, I need to know if there is anything that I am not allowed to take to Guam. As I understand it, Guam is a US territory, so I would think that US law will apply. Is that a correct assumption? Or are there other laws and regulations that will apply to what I can or cannot take to the islands? Does your company ship to military APO/FPO addresses? Please only respond if you are able to ship to APO/FPO as that is where I am sending my package. Please reply to my inquiry by sending the information to my email address. Since I am on the move, that is the only way to contact me for a while. Thanks.