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Express Package shipping to Latvia

Posted by: Mariquilla Almodovar

I hope that I have posted to the correct forum. I must ask if anyone can send me information about express package shipping to Latvia. There is a package that I am preparing to send in the next couple of days from our office in Mexico City, Mexico. Therefore, if you have a local shipping office, please tell me where it is located and the hours it is open. I fear that I must also ask if your company can also help me to package it properly. Can I purchase packing supplies at your shipping office? Will you also be able to weigh it there? Since this package is destined for a country in Europe, can you tell me how to prepare the shipping paperwork so there will not be any problems with customs? What will happen if the package is held up at customs? I hope you are available to respond to my inquiry and also to assist me with preparing this package for shipping. You have no idea how much I appreciate your providing me with this service.