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Express Package shipping to Hong Kong

Van Schoick Enterprises
Posted by: Maarten Van Schoick

My company is about to ship a package and we need information about express package shipping to Hong Kong. We are located at Cape Town, South Africa, and we will have this product ready to ship by the middle of next week. Will your company be ready to pickup this package at that time? Since this will be the first time our two companies have worked together on shipping, it would be in order for you to send us your company's shipping information. This would include how you will base your shipping charges, as well as what your time estimate is for when you will deliver this package to Hong Kong. We would also ask that you provide tracking information. This is as much for our Hong Kong customer's benefit as it is our own. I would include my email address in this post, but it would be more beneficial that you contact me through the messaging function of this forum. This may be a more efficient approach. Thank you for sending me your company's information.