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Express Package shipping to Colombia

Posted by: Juanita Arquilla

I have been assigned the job to locate a company who provides express package shipping to Colombia. As we are shipping this package from our facility at Barcelona, Spain, I would like to receive information as it pertains to shipping a package between these two locations. The package contains several ornaments, none of which are breakable. It weighs only a couple of kilograms. The size of this package is 27 cm in length, 17 cm wide, and 14 cm deep. Is there a way that you can send me an estimate of our shipping cost to ship this package with your company? Would you be also be able to include an estimated time to deliver it to Bogota, Colombia? If the package becomes lost, stolen, or damaged, is your company insured to replace the package's contents? Is that a lengthy claims procedure? I am asking due to the distance involved in the shipping. Please send this information to the email address provided with this post as it will be the quickest method for us to receive it. Thank you.