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Express Package shipping to Bulgaria

Robinson Merchandising
Posted by: Max Robinson

Hello and thank you for reading through my forum post. I am here to request information be sent to my email address about express package shipping to Bulgaria. With this information, please also include your direct contact information in case we have any further questions and also to schedule a pickup. The package is a rush order, so please only send us information about your company's express shipping service. Please include how much you charge for express shipping and also when you will deliver this to Bulgaria. Do you guarantee your delivery service in that you will deliver it by a certain day and / or time? Do you also guarantee the package will arrive at the destination undamaged? We would also like to examine your shipping terms that you make available to those who ship with your company. This would likely include your payment, claims, and any other terms that are necessary to do business with your company. Thank you for sending us this information.