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Express Package shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Rhodes Company
Posted by: Eric Preston

I need to ask for information about express package shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The package is ready for shipping and may be picked up at our facility during normal business hours. We are located in central Houston, Texas, in the United States. When will you be able to pickup the package for shipping? The package is standard sized and weighs less than 12 pounds. Does your company offer an express shipping method? If so, then please include information about this as well as your regular shipping method. Please also include if you have a guaranteed delivery time. Do you also warrant that the shipment will arrive at its destination undamaged? Do you have a claims process in the event of a lost or damaged item during shipping? How can we track this package during shipping? Please use the contact information that is provided to this forum post to send your company's shipping information. This will ensure that we receive it in a timely manner. Thank you for providing this information to us on such short notice.