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Express Package shipping to Belize

Horta Enterprises
Posted by: Larry Trenton

I need to ask for information about express package shipping to Belize. My employer is a small electronics firm located in San Francisco, California in the United States, and we are completing an order to a customer in Belize. The package being shipped is about mid-sized and is 2 ft long, 1.5 ft wide, and 1.5 ft deep. It weighs 27 pounds. The package is a rush order, so we need your guarantees that you will deliver this package within one week of the time that you pickup the package at our facility. Can you accomplish this delivery during this time? Do you have an estimate as to the cost of this shipment to us? Please include that as well as your standard shipping terms in your email. Please send that email to the contact information provided here. Thank you for your time and efforts in reviewing and responding to this inquiry.