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Express Package shipping to Belarus

Horta Enterprises
Posted by: Filemon Quesada

I am here to request information from a company who can complete express package shipping to Belarus. If you can also do this in the fastest yet most efficient manner, that will be even better. The package will be shipped from our company here in Monterrey, Mexico. Does your company process shipments from my location? If so, then when can you arrange to pickup this package? The package weighs only 4 kilograms. Its size is 23 cm long, 19 cm wide, and 13 cm deep. Since I have provided you with the specifications, can you provide an estimate of how much it will cost for us to ship this package with your company? When will you deliver this package to Belarus? The customer has selected express shipping, so it must be delivered as soon as possible. Will you promise that the package will not be damaged while it is in your possession? Why should we choose your shipping service when there are many other shipping companies who are providing a shipping service? Please provide your response to this inquiry to the contact information we have included with this forum. Thank you.