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Express Package shipping to Ukraine

Posted by: Aksel Williamsen

I must prepare express package shipping to Ukraine from our warehouse here at Cape Town, South Africa. If there are any company representatives who are reviewing this post, will you contact me with your company's shipping information as soon as possible? This package should be delivered right away. The package is a letter sized envelope. So there is nothing bulky or heavy with it. The contents are not fragile, but I would still like your assurances you will deliver it with care so it will arrive undamaged. I have the package ready to drop off at your local shipping office, if you have one that is nearby. If there is an office nearby, what hours is it open for business? Would you be able to provide a shipping cost estimate when you contact me through this forum? When will you deliver this package to Ukraine? Can you deliver it within a week from the time it is dropped off for shipment? I apologize for my having so many questions. I will wait to review the information you send before I present any further questions. Thank you for sending me this information.