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Express Package shipping to Slovakia

Posted by: Yvonne Cheiko

I need to inquire into express package shipping to Slovakia from Moscow, Russia. The package I must send is destined for my niece who has requested that I buy her a few things while I am visiting to London, United Kingdom (UK). I would normally take these with me on my journey back home, but there are a few pieces of chocolate in with a few other items and I am afraid that may melt if they are not delivered right away. How soon can your company deliver this package? Does your company have a shipping office here in London? I can drop this package off if you do. It would not be any trouble. The size of the package is 29 cm long, 18 cm wide, and 11 cm deep. I am guessing that it weighs less than a couple of kilograms. Can you tell me about how much you will charge for me to ship this package with your company? I have access to my email account, so will you please email this information to me? Thank you.