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Express Package shipping to Singapore

Posted by: Kurt Wilhelm

I must make arrangements for express package shipping to Singapore. This should be accomplished from Berlin, Germany. Does your company have a shipping office that is local to me? If so, then what is its location and its hours of operations? I can drop off this package at any time as it is fully prepared for shipping. The package weighs less than 6 kilograms. Its size is 29 cm in length, 20 cm wide, and 13 cm deep. How much to you estimate it will cost me to ship this package with your company? Do you have a current rate sheet that you can provide so that I may compare the types of shipping services that you offer? Do you also have a sheet that shows your current routes that you use? When will you promise to deliver this package to Singapore? What about damages? If the package is lost or damaged during shipping, do you pay to replace the contents of this package? I want to say thank you for responding to my inquiry and I look forward to receiving your information.