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Express Package shipping to Romania

Posted by: Ruth Barlow

I have a package that I need to ship from our office here in Burbank, California, in the United States. If your company provides express package shipping to Romania, then please send me your most current information to my email address. This is a very small package as compared to what you may typically process. It is 6 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. It weighs less than 3 pounds. While it is small and light, it needs to be delivered to Romania in a rush. How soon can your company deliver it? Do you have a guaranteed day and time that you will deliver this package? Do you provide a pickup service? Or shall we take the package to your local shipping office to drop it off? If drop off, please advise as to your office's location and the hours it is open for business. The email address I have included will deliver your information directly to me. Thank you for sending this information and I will watch for its arrival.