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Express Package shipping to Qatar

Posted by: Hans Wilhelm

I have an express package shipping to Qatar information request. I must ship a package for my employer that will finalize at Doha, Qatar. We need this package delivered by the end of next week. If your company can complete this delivery request, then please send us your company's shipping information as soon as possible. Within this information, please include how much you will charge for shipping between Berlin, Germany, and Doha, Qatar. This package is a letter sized envelope, so it is neither heavy, nor is it large. It is a standard sized. When can you arrange for a pickup at our facility? Also, it may be simpler for me to drop off this package at your local shipping office, if you have one nearby. If you do, then please inform me of its location and its hours of service. Do you also include tracking information for this express shipment? Is that an additional cost? Thanks for sending your shipping information.