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Posted by: Hector Smithton

Hello everyone. I am posting to this forum to ask for information about express package shipping to the Philippines. I am shipping this package from Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. Does your company provide service between these two locations? Does your company provide pickup service in the Phoenix area? This package is 4 ft in length, 2.5 ft wide, and 2 ft deep. It weighs 9 pounds including the packing materials. How much do you estimate you will charge us to ship this package? Do you offer any kind of guaranteed delivery? What is the procedure if the package and / or its contents are damage during shipping? Do you make good on it? How soon will you deliver this package to Manila, the Philippines? Can you deliver it by the end of next week? Yes, you may assume this is a rush shipment, which is why I am so concerned about the delivery time. Thanks for sending me this information.