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Express International Package shipping to Mexico

Posted by: Cornell Plourde

Greetings. I must inquire about express international package shipping to Mexico. This package will be shipped from our office here at Le Mans, France. Its destination is Monterrey, Mexico. Can your company complete this delivery between these two locations? Can you also complete this delivery within the next week to possible 10 days? Obviously, the sooner you can deliver this package the better as the customer has a need for these items. The package is less than 6 kilograms in weight. It also has the dimensions of 762 mm in length. It is also 305 mm wide and 229 mm deep. There is nothing that is breakable within the package. However, we would still like your assurances that you will deliver this package undamaged. Would you be able to include a cost estimate for this shipment? What happens if you lose this package during shipping? How long must we wait until you make good to cover our loss? We ask due to the great distance this package must travel. Thank you for sending your company's shipping information.