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International Express Package shipping to Lithuania

Erstuiche Ltd.
Posted by: Scarlett Johannson

I need to inquire into international express package shipping to Lithuania. If your company provides shipping services from Johannesburg, South Africa, then please include that information as well as that is where we are shipping from. This package of merchandise will be ready for pickup by the first of next week. If your company is available for pickup at that time, that will be perfect. This shipment consists of one case of merchandise. Its dimensions include 610 mm in length, 305 mm wide, and 228 mm deep. Including the packing materials, the package weighs slightly less than 7 kilos. Could you provide a cost estimate for this shipment? Due to the distance involved, we want to be sure the recipient is the only one who can receive this package. Do you offer a restricted delivery? If so, what is the additional charge for this? The contact information I have included with this post is my direct email address. This guarantees that I will receive your shipping information. Thank you for sending it.