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International Express Package shipping to Kuwait

Posted by: Raoul Tipedoux

I need information about international express package shipping to Kuwait. This will be especially helpful if you offer shipping services from Nice, France. This package is already packaged and is ready for pickup. However, if your company has a local office that I can drop it off, I can certainly do that. Just please tell me your office's location and hours of service. The package is a rush order and I need your assurances that you will deliver this on time. Can you guarantee this? The package weighs approximately 9.5 kilograms. Its dimensions include 609 mm in length, 305 mm wide, and 229 mm deep. Based on this information, what is your estimated cost to ship this package with your company? When the package is delivered, must the addressee sign for it, or do you permit anyone to sign for the package? If possible, we would like to request a restricted delivery to the recipient only. Is this a service you offer? I appreciate your prompt attention to this request as this package should be shipped as soon as possible. Thank you.