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Express Package shipping to Czech Republic

Posted by: Giorgio Benito

Thanks for responding to my inquiry about express package shipping to Czech Republic. I am shipping a package from Florence, Italy. This package is not very big and is only 457 mm in length, 254 mm wide and 152 mm deep. It weighs less than one kilogram. Does your company have a shipping location near to Florence? If so, what hours is it open for business? I can drop it off on my way to work if that is okay. Could you send information as to how much you will charge me to ship this package by express to Czech Republic? Can you also provide an estimate as to how when you will deliver it? Do you guarantee you will deliver it by then? What happens if the package is damaged during shipping? Do you make good on it? Will the package be delivered only to whom it is addressed? Or is anyone permitted to accept the delivery of the package? The contact information I have included here is my direct email address. Thank you for sending it to me.