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Express Package shipping to Croatia

Posted by: Marion Campbell

My former university professor is expecting me to send her some research material. This research material is not hazardous or anything, but it does need to be delivered within a few days. Does your company provide express package shipping to Croatia. I am shipping this from New York City, New York, in the United States. If your company has a local shipping office, I can drop this package off on my way to work. Please tell me what hours this office is open. The package is 1 ft 7 inches in length, 11 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. Since I have already packed it, I can tell you the weight which is 6 pounds. How much do you estimate you will charge me to ship this package with you? Do you guarantee to deliver this package by a certain day? If so, it needs to be delivered by next Friday. Can you deliver it by then? Do you provide tracking information so that she may know when to expect it? Thank you for sending me your company's shipping information. I really appreciate it.