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Express Package shipping to Poland

Posted by: Harry Mann

I am posting here to inquire into express package shipping to Poland. If your company ships to Poland, do you also ship to Poland from the United States? I will ship this package from Baltimore, Maryland. Does your company have an office near to me? What hours are you open that I may drop off this package? The package is less than one foot in each direction. I have already packed it, and it weighs slightly more than 3 pounds. Since this is an express package, how soon can you deliver this package to Poland? Can you guarantee you will deliver it by the end of next week? How much do you estimate you will charge me to ship this package with you? Do you offer a restricted deliver so that only the addressee may receive the package? If so, is there an added fee for that and how much is that fee? If possible, please send your information as soon as possible. I am looking to ship this package right away. Thank you for sending me this info.