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Express Package shipping to China

Posted by: Ronald Trent

Hello everyone. I need information about express package shipping to China. If you also ship from the United States, that will be most helpful as the point of origin for this shipment will be from Memphis, Tennessee. Does your company provide pickup services from this location? How soon do you require notice before scheduling a pickup appointment? If you would include in your information packet, your current rates, delivery routes and scheduling, terms, claims policy, and any other information as necessary for us to prepare to work with you on this shipment. Do you have an estimate as to how soon you can deliver? The package will weight less than 75 pounds. Could you provide an estimated cost for us to ship with your company? Does your company have a guarantee program that you guarantee delivery by a certain day or time? If so, is that an added cost? How much? Thanks for sending me your shipping information. We would like to ship this package as soon as possible, so your prompt connection with us is greatly appreciated.