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Express Package shipping to Bahrain

Posted by: Simon Barclay

I have a friend who has asked me to send him some items that he forgot to pack before he returned home. Therefore, I need information about express package shipping to Bahrain. Can you provide me with this information and even to ship this package to him by the express method? Does your company provide shipping services from the United States, and specifically from the San Antonio, Texas area? Please tell me your local address and the hours you are open. How soon can I drop off this package for shipping? Does your company promise it can deliver this package to Bahrain by the end of next week? The package is less than 1 ft in each dimension, and weighs about 6 pounds. Can you give me an estimate as to how much you will charge me to ship this package? I want to ship this package as soon as possible, so if you would be kind enough to send your shipping information right away I will appreciate it. Thanks.