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Expedited Package shipping to Hungary

Posted by: Josephine Campbell

Hello everyone. I have posted to inquire about expedited package shipping to Hungary. I am sending a package to my niece who lives at Gyor, Hungary. How soon can you deliver this package that is being shipped from Dallas, Texas, in the United States? Does your company have a shipping location near here? What is the address and the hours of operation? Do you offer packing services there as well? I hope you do, because I need some additional packing material in order to protect the package's contents. How much will you charge for that extra packing material? Can you give me an estimate as to how much this may cost? Does your company provide tracking information? Will my niece have to sign for this package, or can just anyone accept delivery? I really desire a signature service so there is a record of who signs for the package. If possible, I would prefer a restricted delivery that can be delivered only to my niece. Do you offer that service? Thank you for sending me this information.