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Express Package shipping to Greece

Posted by: Nathan Johanson

Does anyone have any information you can send me that explains express package shipping to Greece? I have a package that I need to send to my brother who lives in Athens, and I would like for it to be delivered as soon as possible. I am located just outside of Oslo, Norway. Do you have any shipping offices that are near to Oslo? What hours is your office open so that I may drop off my package? I would also like to ask if anyone offers guaranteed delivery by a certain day and / or time. What happens if my package is damaged during shipping? Does your company make good on that package? Will my brother be required to sign for the package at the time of delivery? Or can just anyone accept delivery? I would prefer a signature to be required. Is there an additional fee for this? Will your company deliver this package directly to my brother? Or must he go to your nearest shipping office in order to pick it up? I appreciate your responses to my questions.