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Express Package shipping to Seychelles

Posted by: Roshe Burnaq

If your company is capable of express package shipping to Seychelles, then please send me your shipping information to my email address as soon as possible. I must send a package to a colleague who is on assignment to Seychelles. She is a photographer and she needs this replacement lens so she can continue doing her work. Since this is a fragile part, can you offer your assurances you will deliver it undamaged? Can you also guarantee you will deliver it by the end of next week? Yes, it really is important this package is delivered by then. The package will be shipped from Berlin, Germany, so if your company has a shipping office here that will work out great. I have the package ready to ship as I wanted to be sure the lens was properly padded for shipping. The package is 203 mm in length, 102 mm wide and 77 mm deep. It weighs about one half of a kilo. If you will email me and let me know where I can ship this with your company, I will be grateful. Thanks.