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Express Package shipping to Saudi Arabia

Posted by: Yusetf Omanin

I need to send a package to my brother. He needs this quickly, so I am here to request information about express package shipping to Saudi Arabia. If you can help with this request, please email the information to my personal email address as soon as possible. I am currently located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Can your company deliver this package by the end of next week? The package is not large. It is only 203 mm by 154 mm by 154 mm and weighs less than one kilo. Can you pick this package up at my home within the next couple of days? I have the package ready for pickup. I do not require to purchase additional insurance on the package since there is nothing within it that will break or spoil. Also, can you guarantee you will deliver this package by the day I have requested, the end of next week? I will be waiting to review the shipping information you supply to my email address.