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Express Package shipping to South Africa

Posted by: John Stisel

Could your company email me some information about express package shipping to South Africa? Could you also include whether you have an office near to Tampa, Florida, in the United States so that I can drop off this package? The package I am shipping is directed to a friend and colleague who teaches at the university at Johannesburg. It includes a box of small tools that are only slightly larger than those tools that jewelers use. Therefore, the package is not very big and it weighs but a few ounces. Due to the small size, one of my larger concerns is that the package will be lost or misplaced during shipping. Can you assure me the package will indeed be delivered on time and undamaged? Since this is an international shipment, is there any additional paperwork that I must complete when I drop off the package for shipping? Or is simply paying the shipping charge all that I must do? Speaking of charges, about how much will you charge me to ship this by express shipping? I look forward to your response in my email box. Thanks.