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Oversized Package shipping to Norway

I have a rather large package that I need information on how to ship. If your company offers oversized package shipping to Norway, please send me an email with the information I need to ship this. Although I will need your expertise in the best method to pack this item, the package itself will be about 9 ft by 7 ft by 6 ft. Depending on how much packing material you suggest that I add, the package could weigh more than 90 pounds. So as you can see by my most basic of description, this package is indeed oversized as compare to many of the other packages you ship. Does your company have a pickup service? I am uncertain if I will be able to move it anywhere once it is completely packed. What packing material would you suggest that I use to protect the contents? There is nothing breakable that will be included in the package. The item is just large. I trust there is at least one company who is located here in the greater Denver, Colorado, in the United States who can help me ship this. Thank you greatly for emailing me this information.