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Express Package shipping to Switzerland

I need express package shipping to Switzerland information from a company who can deliver on time and without damage. Can your company provide this level of service? I am shipping from Egypt. So I will want to know the best methods to prepare my package for shipping. I need to know if your company provides a drop off location. This would be best as I would prefer to speak directly with your company's representative so they can assist me with the packing. Can I obtain packing supplies at your drop off location? Since I do not yet know of the size the package will be, I can inform you that the item I am shipping weighs less than two kilos. Is that too much weight to send by an express shipping method? Can you provide me with an estimated cost of shipping from Egypt to Switzerland by express shipping? Can you promise me you will deliver this package by the first of next week? Can you also promise me you will deliver this package without damage? I have included my most personal email address for you to submit your company's shipping information. I look forward to receiving it.