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Thank you for responding to my questions about express package shipping to Italy. This will be especially helpful if your company also provides shipping services to Italy from Australia. The package I plan to send includes DVDs that my son forget when he packed to leave on his vacation to Rome, Italy. He will be there for the next 6 weeks, and he asked me to send them to him since he listens to his music almost constantly. The package should be not larger than a typical shoe box and I would not expect it would weigh less than half a kilo. If your company offers a drop off or pick up service here in Sydney, Australia, please include that info as well. Also, do you have information about the best way for me to prepare this package for shipment? If so, please send that with your answers to my other questions. These questions include how much will you charge to deliver this package? When can my son expect this package to be delivered to his location? Can you guarantee express delivery on time? Do you resolve any damage issues quickly? Thank you again for sending me your information packet.