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International Express Package shipping to India

I must ship a package and I have posted here to request information about international express package shipping to India. Please respond if your company is involved in this business activity. The package includes some picture frames that are destined for an art gallery there in Mumbai, India. They must be delivered promptly for an upcoming art show that is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks. Can your company deliver these packages by then? The picture frames are all the same size at 12 in by 8 inches. There are 7 of them and I have them packed and padded into one box. The package weighs less than 7 pounds total. How much will you charge to deliver this package on time? Can you guarantee delivery by a certain day and or time? If so, would that be an extra charge? Does your company provide a tracking number so that I may monitor its progress during transit? Please respond to my inquiry by emailing my requested information to my provided email address. This is my own email address, so I will be the one who receives it. Thank you.