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Thank you for reading and responding to my inquiry. I need information regarding international package shipping to United States. I am not in a rush for this to be delivered, so I do not require info on express shipping. I only need regular shipping, but if there is not much cost difference between the two, then please inform me of the cost. I will ship this package from Oslo, Japan, to the United States. I would prefer to send this package within the next few days, if that is possible. The contents of the shipment will include an assortment of Japanese candy that I am sending to my aunt who is on an extended visit with her relatives. Do you have any recommendations as to how I can pack this candy so it will not spoil or otherwise become damage during the trip? Does it get overly warm on the packages during the trip? Do you recommend placing some sort of a cold pack within the package? Would that help at all? I have included my email address to make it easier for you to send me your information packet.